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Fruits and vegetables

In LeoProex we love fruit

Spain is one of the leading producers of fruits and vegetables. Our clients agro-fruit export their apples, peaches, oranges, vegetables, etc to all markets in Europe, South America, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc.where they enjoy a high reputation for its high quality. The development of these regions with greater purchasing power has allowed this trade upward.

In turn, the Spanish market increasingly demands more consumption of the same fruit throughout the year, which has resulted in the growth of imports into Spain of many varieties of fruits and vegetables (from the grape, kiwi, melon, banana, etc.) while increasingly demand more exotic fruits (mango, avocado, banana, etc.) mainly from the regions of Central and South America, etc.

In Leo Proex we like fruit and that is why we move all types of agro-food goods in refrigerated containers at controlled temperature, major sea and air routes, departing or arriving at our ports. In turn promote traffic ‘cross-trading “between South America Southeast Asia, North Europe, etc.



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